Mary Lynn Meyers, LCSW, provides counseling and therapy for individuals, couples and families in Wilmette, Illinois, and Chicago’s North Shore.

Today’s families are faced with the challenge of fast-paced schedules, driven by technology and over-stimulation for both children and parents alike.  Many find that they feel they are operating in a constant state of anxiety and experience feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed out.

As a licensed clinical social worker in Wilmette, Illinois, I work with individuals, couples and families to help them on a wide range of challenges including relationship issues, parenting, depression and anxiety, life transitions, women’s health and stress management.

My approach to these challenging issues is open, explorational, mindful, warm and genuine. I use family systems theory, mindfulness practices, positive psychology and even humor, when appropriate, in an integrative manner to help you increase your insight into your problems and make thoughtful choices on how you wish to bring about change.

Establishing a trusting, caring and empathic relationship is essential. When you know that you will feel fully heard and accepted in a safe, confidential and supportive environment, you can more openly share your thoughts, feelings and life history. Research shows that one of the most important aspects of successful therapy is the “therapeutic alliance” — do client and therapist click? Your first session with me is paid only after you have made the decision that you are comfortable and want to continue to work collaboratively together.